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Volunteer Spotlight on Mitch and Rene

November 30, 2016

Equally deserving of the spotlight (and equally resistant to accept it) are this season's featured volunteers- Mitch Joffe and Rene Saar. With a combined total of volunteer hours well into the 300's for 2016 – odds are that if you've been to the Cheff during workday hours, you've encountered one or both of them!

Mitch began volunteering at Cheff in 2011. With more free time on his hands in retirement, he picked up some shifts at Cheff. Drawing on experience gained working with thoroughbreds, Mitch was a natural fit with our horses and quickly picked up quite the fan club of clients. Currently, Mitch can be found at the Cheff Center 3 days a week! When he isn't here, he enjoys taking day trips with his wife, hanging out with friends and family, and volunteering in other areas of our community.

Rene took a different path to the Cheff Center- but has ended up in very much the same place. The story goes that she owed our PT, Char, a favor- so she committed to a year of volunteering in Hippotherapy. That was three years ago! Much like Mitch, Rene anticipated that it would be the horses that stole her heart- but quickly realized that it was the clients that kept her coming back. Rene is a constant in Hippotherapy (both days) and also lends a hand wherever we need extra help. When she's not at Cheff, she can be found horsing around with her horse Chief, hanging out with her family, or pursuing other volunteer opportunities in the community.

We are beyond lucky to have them both on our team! Thank you Mitch and Rene!!

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Cheff News

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Birthday Blessings

Since 2005, volunteer extraordinaire Kathy Keelan Pew, has donated her birthday to the Cheff (Ride-a-Thon) - to the tune of nearly $15,000 ($2,475 in 2016 alone!)
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What People Are Saying

It is a miracle each time we come. Thank you!
- Lib Coss

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